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iDetailAid is part of Huron (NASDAQ: HURN), having joined its UK-based Pope Woodhead business.

Life science companies face a rapidly evolving landscape that creates challenges for even the most adept leaders. Huron's life science practice comprises strategy and Pope Woodhead, and is part of a continuum of offerings that supports the development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products and services. We've served over 90 percent of Fortune 500 life sciences companies across sectors, therapeutic areas and global regions.

The pace of change in the pharmaceutical landscape demands innovative solutions from all industry stakeholders. At Huron we typically work with life science companies that need to deal with issues such as:

  • Achieving affordable access to products while managing uncertainty around the underlying data
  • Harnessing the power of new technologies, including digital technologies for building capabilities in real-world data and analytics, targeted design, companion diagnostics and more
  • Developing new innovative business models that include building the patient’s voice into decision making
  • Playing an active role in shaping regulatory and policy agendas for the future
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