Simplifying the creation, update, localisation and upload of CLM content, reducing development costs and time to market

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What is iDetailAid?

iDetailAid is used by brand teams, agencies and content factories, giving them the flexibility they need to create compelling, interactive content that can be seamlessly published to Veeva Vault.

Its intuitive, no-code drag and drop authoring environment simplifies the creation and localization of CLM content for non-technical users, while the fully-featured coding interface and event-driven API can be used by developers to create complex, interactive content with deep integration into Veeva.

eDetail content
and localise
the loop

Create eDetail content

Create the presentation and generate content

Using the secure, web-based interface, create beautiful eDetail content from scratch or using existing assets.

Using the secure, web-based interface, create beautiful eDetail content from scratch or using existing assets

iDetailAid's drag and drop editor supports text, images, video and HTML5 enabling you to layout stunning, pixel perfect slides.

Using the inline coding interface and event-driven API, developers can create advanced, complex interactions.

Include navigation

Structure your content how you like

Not only does iDetailAid give you the ability to create horizontal and vertical presentations, but more complex flows can be acheived using in-slide navigational elements.

Share and localise

Empower local markets

Presentations, slides, assets and navigation created in iDetailAid can easily be copied and distributed to affiliates for quick and easy localisation.

Publish presentations

Simple and easy to publish

Once approved, content can be downloaded or published directly into industry leading CLM and Sales Enablement platforms (including Veeva) at the click of a button, removing the need for complex integrations or manual upload processes.

Close the loop

Publish – Feedback – Update – Improve

React to sales feedback quickly and efficiently using iDetailAid; facilitating more effective sales engagements.