Huron is both a Veeva Silver Technology Partner and Level 4 Certified Agency Partner. iDetailAid is the only Veeva Silver-certified CLM content authoring system on the market.

Huron is a Veeva Silver Technology Partner with iDetailAid being a Veeva certfied integration.

Since becoming part of Huron Consulting Group's Life Sciences Practice, we have expanded iDetailAid's ground-breaking technology to provide an even greater service to customers and the wider market.

As part of this expansion, we have been working closely with one of our long-term partners, Veeva, the global leader in cloud-based business solutions for pharma, biotech and med device companies. This closer working relationship has lead to an even tighter integration between iDetailAid and the Veeva Commercial Cloud suite of products.

Features include one-click publishing to Veeva Vault, automatic tracking of events to the Call Clickstream and integration with Approved Email.

As a result of this work, we are proud to be able to offer the only Veeva-certified CLM content authoring system that integrates with Vault - iDetailAid.

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Huron is a Veeva Level 4 Certified Multichannel Content Partner, trained and supported to develop content through all Veeva’s multichannel products:

  • Approved Email
  • CLM
  • Engage
  • MyInsights

Huron provides market access consultancy, combining deep payer understanding with specialist tactical writing and in-house digital expertise. We develop access strategies, contracting schemes, communications content and tools for our clients.

This includes Veeva compliant digital content and models for payer access negotiations, along with user-training and local adaptation guidance.

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