iDetailAid has partnered with industry-leading technology providers to combine powerful content creation with CRM, CLM and sales enablement tools.

iDetailAid’s integration to Veeva Vault makes it quick and easy for customers’ internal teams, affiliates, digital factories and agencies to create, update and localise content for Veeva CRM across multiple therapeutic areas and territories using a simple, web-based authoring platform.

As well as enabling the fast and efficient production of content managed presentations across all products and regions, iDetailAid increases customers’ abilities to react quickly to new study data and regulatory requirements. Significantly, this supports the drive to ensure the co-ordinated and compliant execution of product materials across the industry.

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Pope Woodhead provides strategic consulting and integrated solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Pope Woodhead's 30 plus years’ experience of working with leading global companies informs their innovative thinking and collaborative approach.

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Vablet is a sales enablement platform that makes it easy for any organization to give their sales team a tool that actually empowers them to close sales.

The integration between iDetailAid and Vablet allows eDetail content to be published directly from iDetailAid's drag and drop interface into the Vablet ecosystem for distribution to user's devices.

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